SAS aims to make AI accessible to individuals of all skill levels through its offering of pre-packaged AI models.

SAS aims to make AI accessible to individuals of all skill levels through its offering of pre-packaged AI models.

SAS aims to make AI accessible to individuals of all skill levels through its offering of pre-packaged AI models.

SAS, a leader in data and AI solutions, has launched a groundbreaking approach aimed at enabling organizations to directly address business challenges using AI. The company has introduced a series of lightweight, industry-specific AI models available for individual licensing. This initiative is designed to provide organizations with the tools they need for efficient, real-world application of AI technologies, significantly enhancing productivity in various domains.

Chandana Gopal, research director at IDC’s Future of Intelligence, commented on the move: “SAS is evolving its portfolio to better meet diverse user demands and to capture market share through innovative offerings. There is a significant opportunity for SAS to productize models leveraging its extensive experience and intellectual property accumulated from solving industry-specific problems for clients.”

The focus of the AI market has largely been on large language models (LLMs) for generative AI purposes. However, the actual needs of businesses often involve deterministic AI models tailored to specific industry requirements, such as fraud detection, supply chain optimization, and healthcare payment integrity, which are areas SAS is now addressing with its new products.

These industry-specific models are designed for quick integration, allowing organizations to deploy effective AI solutions rapidly and see tangible results sooner. This capability is particularly vital in today's competitive business environment, where the ability to quickly implement trustworthy AI solutions can be a significant advantage.

The introduction of these models marks a significant expansion in SAS's market presence. Organizations face increasing pressure to compete effectively, compounded by the challenge of staffing data science teams amid widespread AI skills shortages. The demand for agile, flexible AI solutions that can be rapidly deployed to address these challenges is growing, and SAS’s user-friendly yet powerful models are tuned to meet these enterprise needs.

SAS's commitment to AI-powered industry solutions includes a significant investment of $1 billion, as announced in May 2023. This investment builds on SAS’s longstanding commitment to providing packaged solutions tailored to specific industry challenges, including sectors such as banking, government, and healthcare.

Udo Sglavo, Vice President of AI and Analytics at SAS, stated, “Models are an ideal complement to our existing solutions and SAS Viya platform offerings, addressing diverse business needs across various industries and ensuring that innovation reaches every part of our ecosystem.”

SAS is also making strides in making AI accessible to a broader audience with its new AI models. The initial offerings include an AI assistant for optimizing warehouse space, designed to be user-friendly and to assist even non-technical users in making faster, more informed planning decisions.

“SAS Models provide flexible, timely, and accessible AI solutions that align with the specific challenges industries face,” added Sglavo. “Whether just beginning with AI or looking to expand its use throughout your organization, SAS offers unmatched depth and breadth in meeting your business’s unique needs.”

The first SAS Models are set to be generally available later this year, marking a significant step towards democratizing AI technology and making it accessible to users regardless of their technical skill level.